Blackjack Odds

Playing black jack involves getting a payout for a black jack hand. Even then the odds vary from game to game. It is however reasonable to expect a 3-2 payout for each hand, but you can get even lesser depending on the rules of the game play. Although the 3-2 payout is easily the norm, here are a few cases where this may not be the case.

Face up 21

Face up 21 is a black jack game in which a black jack hand will have a payout only at odds of even money. However if the player will win in a case where both he or she and the dealer gets a black jack

Double Exposure

Just like the Face up 21, a black jack player in Double Exposure gets a payout at even money but both the cards dealer and the player are always played with their face up so that the player can always see what the dealer has.

Super Fun 21

in Super Fun 21 black jack game, a black jack hand gets a payout at odds of even money as well with the exception that the black jack hand is in the suit of diamonds. Should it be in the diamonds, the payout becomes a 2-1.

Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch is among the most popular black jack games. In this game, a black jack pays even money as well. If played with six decks the gaming house edge of the game becomes 0.17%

Lets' now take a look at the Single Deck Payouts in black jack.

Single Deck Payouts

There are certain casinos that allow single deck black jack games as a way to promote their business. While it is easy to think of it as a fair deal since it appears like a lower house advantage, the truth sets in when you take a keen look at their payouts as listed on their table layout. You will often find that they have a 6-5 for a black jack.

This is by all standards quite a low payout for blackjack and the effects of which will be demonstrated in your bankroll. What most people overlook is that even with this single deck games, you are very likely to bust out much easily that you would have been playing the conventional 3-2 blackjack on single deck.

The key to making the right selection is of course to shop around and compare the offerings. Ideally, you should consider 3-2 and higher. Anything below that especially in a single deck game is by all standards one to be avoided. You should also consider how stringent the game play rules are and factor that as well.