Bonus Terms and Conditions

Online casinos are increasingly using excellent bonus offers as a way to encourage more player signups and business. These range from the free money bonuses to the first deposit match bonuses. You may then wonder how the casino get that money back, but if you carefully look at the terms and conditions that such bonuses come along with, then you can easily get the point.

It is all a marketing strategy and the bonuses are offered to increase business for the online casinos. Sincerely speaking this is not free money that you can just withdraw right away on demand, but one that you must claim and earn by playing.

What the casino "hold" means to you

The odds are usually in the favor of the casino since that is how they make money. If the casino consistently loses money, then its profitability would decline and eventually, it would have to shut its doors. It is not such a science then that the casino always has a slight edge over their player, which is normally referred to as the "hold". Although small, usually in the range of between 2 and 3 percent, the amount can gross to a huge figure if you consider the number of players.

Therefore, the casino can afford to give some small bonuses, be it the free money bonuses to the first deposit match bonuses since as you play to withdraw the bonuses, the casinos stands to eventually make money from you as the "hold"

Playing-through the bonuses

Normally, the casinos require the new players to play more as a way to get their free money. The point here is to get the player to play-through their bonus cash for a certain number of times. You have to place wagers that are equivalent to a certain number of times the amount you received as the bonus. Let's say that the wagers are required to be thirty times the amount. If you receive a bonus of $50, then you will have to bet to the value of $1500. The wagering amounts will vary from casino to casino so it is always important to exercise your due diligence. Do your homework and find out what the wagering requirements are before taking an offer simply for the bonus offered.

It is also important to find out what conditions have to be met before you can withdraw the free money once you win it. Most legit online casinos will have links to their terms and conditions pages and it is one important resource that you must first check out with to avoid future regrets.

As appealing as the free money bonuses are, you must make sure that they don't mislead you to deposit your hard earned money and then start wishing you hadn't done it.