Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Acceptance

Once you start using this site, it is obviously considered as that you have accepted for our privacy policy. And also it is meant that you have accepted our conditions and terms. IF you are not interested in sharing your details then you will have to stop using this website.

We have rights to do any changes in our privacy policy and the same changes will posted on your walls in the website, after posting if you continue using our site, then it will be considered as that you have accepted our changes.

Cookies Usage stored

Cookie is nothing but an electronic detail saved in user's drive to provide necessary information's when required by the users. To identify your computer it can be done only with IP number.

We may need your system IP address due to some administration requirements or some trouble shooting etc.

Information Usage

We will need your personal information to access few parts of our products and services. We may need your details when you wither register with our site or voluntarily provide your details or you can also provide it while communicating with us.

Once you register your details, we may use same for some billing or for some administrative activities etc.

We might also send some information's to your mailing address on our products and services requested by you and also we might send our regular updates. Once you subscribe with us, you cannot unsubscribe from receiving such mails from us, because it is very important way of communications among us and clients.

We also provide your details to few other companies who work instead or on behalf of us. But those companies do not have any rights to share or disclose your details to any other companies or sources.

Usually when we provide your personal details to other companies due to work, then they don't have any rights to disclose such information's to others. They also are bonded towards our privacy policies.

If you agree to share your details with our third party partners then we will share the same for their advertisements.

Sometimes while you are accessing few websites, it may lead to some third party website's where we do not have any control of their privacy policies. So you must be careful on viewing your websites. Even your personal details may be tapped by them so be careful and go through their privacy policy. We are no way related or responsible if any third party tapped your personal details.

We might disclose your personal details to law when it is required for or as per terms and conditions we might disclose your details or also we might disclose to safe guard the employee's or user's of site.

Once you started using our site, it is agreed by you that we can share your details with other parties, in order to develop or improve our site.

Protecting Your Privacy

Protection of your personal information's is only up to you. You should not share your user id and password to any other person knowingly or unknowingly. Also do not share your details on online also.

At any time required you can add or delete or also edit some of your personal information's when required by you. But few very basic details like mailing address cannot be deleted only editing options will be available.

We have the rights to charge few amount from you for the copies of information. Once you delete some of your information's then you cannot access few websites, at this situation we will not pay your amount if you are unable to access few websites. But however we maintain all your personal details in our archive so that we might access it to resolve few disputes and when it is required by us.