Loyalty Program

As part f their marketing strategies, many casinos invest in offering awesome packages of benefits to their members. These include things like handsome loan packages to their active members, access to private clubs, free meals, attractive hotel accommodation services, and shopping discounts among others. All these are aimed at enhancing customer loyalty and encourage word of mouth marketing also called viral marketing.

If you ever had to ask us how effective these marketing strategies really are, then we would tell you that they are actually, very effective. When customers get a good experience at a casino, high chances always are that they become return customers and tell their social circles of their experience. And there is nothing as powerful s a personal recommendation from someone you know and trust. It is no wonder that we turn to our friends often for reviews and opinion on products and services that we intend to buy or spend money on.

The casinos are known for finding unique ways to make offers that match the preferences of their customers. They normally have customer loyalty programs through which they issue their members with membership cards. These cards are swiped during the transactions completed by the members holding the cards.

Maintaining a members profile

Whether in paying for the casino games, paying for a fast food at their restaurant, or picking some groceries at the casino stores, or boarding a hotel room, the holders can use their card and by doing that, they leave important data to the casino. The casino can then file a profile of their members using the data available to them via the cards and by understanding their customers better in terms of their spending habits and preferences, they are then in a better position to make them better rewards and offers.

For example if the casino realizes that a certain member prefers certain type of slot machines over others, the casino may offer the member a special offer for that particular slot machine as a way to reward that particular member.

Membership Vs Loyalty

An analysis to assess the impact of club membership and loyalty to casinos using the first half of the year 2007 Market Matrix Index proved that high membership to clubs was paralleled by loyal customer base. That is, the casino clubs with the highest memberships in the range of more than 50% of all the guests also showed to have the most loyal customer base. Among the brands falling under this class were Rio, Borgata casino, Harrah's, and Fitsgeralds among others.

The clubs with low memberships showed low customer loyalty and some of these were Circus Circus Hotel & Casino, Excalibur Hotel & Casino, and Aladdin Resort and Casino among others.

It seems that membership s an important way to ensure loyalty of customers and in effect increases the profits of your casino