Match Bonus Review

Online casinos offer bonuses as a way to encourage more players to visit and sign up with their casino. As the competition in internet gambling intensifies, the online casinos are increasingly giving bigger bonuses as a way to maintain a competitive edge over their competitors. It just makes sense anyway since better deals always leads to more buyers.

These bonuses are often offered in differing forms, each with different features. Even the casinos themselves offer different bonuses. A signup bonus essentially differs from a free spin bonus or no deposit bonus in that while free spin bonus allows the new player a free play, the sign up bonuses on the other hand require the beneficiary to have met certain criteria, usually to provide their payment details.

Match Deposit Bonus

Most casinos offer a kind of bonus called the match deposit bonus. This is usually offered to welcome them to the casino. The bonus is offered as extra casino credits. The bonus credits are derived from the initial amount of money that the new player deposits with the casino. For example, if you deposit $100, then you may qualify for $100 worth of extra casino credits on top of your purchased credits.

Fix Rate Bonus

Even though most casino websites offer the match deposit bonuses on the first deposit made by their new players on a fixed rate provided the deposit is more than $20, some sites offer the match bonuses in varying rates that are worked out into a plan. To explain here is an example.

Let's say that site A offers their match bonuses at a fixed rate for any amount more than $20. The bonuses for $20 will most cases be $20 worth of extra casino credits. Let's also say that site offers varying rates. Site B will probably allow for a larger amount of money and the match bonus will be applicable up to the third or even fifth deposit with the casino site. So for site B, you qualify for more bonuses than site A because you get extra credits on subsequent deposits, not just the first one.

There are people who choose their casino playing room depending on the competitiveness of the sign up and match deposit bonuses and so it is an important tool for promoting your casino business and ensuring more player signups. You should also offer a nice mix of extra ongoing bonuses so the players can stick long enough and if possible, let them what bonuses will be available to them on an ongoing basis, be it consistently or occasionally. The success of your casino will depend on how good you make your offer. It may also be worth letting your potential clients know your commitment to them in terms of security of the site to which they will be playing and the quality of the software they will be using.

If you are a casino player, then it is advisable to shop around and compare the offers being advanced by the casino gaming rooms. Look at more than just the signup bonuses and that way you will find some amazing offers out there on the web.