Casino as a popular gambling institution

Casino is an institution, where different types of gambling are implemented with an opportunity of winnings. Some games are conducted under consideration of casino employees - croupiers. The history of casino began in 1765 in Paris; later, the popularity of gaming houses was spread among different European countries. Today, casino is on the peak of its popularity. Together with this, development of modern technologies and availability of World Wide Web give a great possibility to play games staying at home. Both types of casinos land-based and online have their own pluses.

Online casino reviews

First online casino appeared in 1994 and earned only several thousand dollars per day. With the plan of time, 10 years later, the income of the first internet casino increased to several million dollars a day! The rules in online casino are practically not distinguished from live one. Online casino works either through special program that a gambler should install - download-based type or just through the web browser - web-based type. Main advantages of internet casino are the following:

  • Keeps confidentiality
  • Suitable: saves time and efforts
  • Possibility to play free games

Types of games

Casino games are divided into three categories:

  1. table games
  2. random numbers
  3. electronic machines

Very well-known table games are: cards (blackjack, poker etc.), dice (craps), and roulette, from random number it's Bingo and Keno, gaming machines include slots, video poker and video lottery terminals.

Principles of gambling

To play some games is not necessary for gambler to have particular skills and knowledge. Some games such as roulette, slots and craps are mostly games of fortune. Poker or blackjack, for example, requires, however, considerable skills and practice. Nevertheless, all games contain mathematically-determined odds that make an advantage of casino over player.

Pros and cons of casinos

As well-known fact gambling has both advantages and disadvantages. Main advantages can be considered as follows:

  • Easy money. Sometimes, it is quite possible to earn big money making small donations.
  • Adrenalin. In our times of stresses there is no better thing to relax and receive some portion of adrenalin as to play in casino, especially in favorable atmosphere.


  • Dependence. The more gambler plays the more is desire to win.
  • Loss. Sometimes without knowing permissible edge, players can lose even more they have.

According to all listed above, it is not out of place to notice that casino is a whole system of consistencies, which form one integer business structure.