Betting options in different types of stakes

In accordance with a lack of facts, theory of roulette foundation has no stable basis. Word "roulette" comes from French and means "wheel". This game is one of the earliest in casino. Online roulette can be also played through the internet (you can get a sign-up bonus from some online casinos even). Its rules are quite easy, therefore it is wide popular among beginners.

Main types of roulette

Online roulette, as well as live one, can be divided into: French, European and American. French roulette is also called European. American roulette, however, is different because of zero and double zero on layout, what, by the way, makes this type of roulette more disadvantageous for gamblers. Mostly all casinos have European and American roulettes. Online roulette is managed with the help of computer program. Some casino sites have both free roulette and that which is played for money.

Process of game

First of all, dealer cleans the table from previous round. All players make their bets, when dealer spins the wheel and says that there is no more bets, it means that ball will soon drop into the pocket of the wheel. After all, dealer collects all loosing stakes and pays out winning ones.

Types of Bets and betting options

There exist "inside bets" and "outside bets". Inside bets allow player to make bets with placing chip on the number of the wheel. Outside bet: it is when gamer places chip on such areas as "Red or Black", "Odd or Even".

Types of outside bets are:

  • Red/Black. Bet is on one of the colors.
  • High/Low. Bet will win depends on the high number (19-36) or low (1-18).
  • Odd/Even. Bet on either even or odd number
  • Column. Bet is made on one of the columns
  • Dozen. Stake is made on three groups of dozen numbers (1-12,3-24, 25-36)

Types of inside bets are:

  • Square bet. Bet is made on one of four numbers.
  • Street bet or Three numbers. Bet is made on three different numbers. If some number hits, player will win.
  • Corner bet. Player makes bet on group of four different numbers.
  • Straight-up. The most popular bet, which is made on one of the numbers in order to guess it.
  • Split bet (Two numbers). Chip is placed between two numbers. Bet will win if some of numbers hits.