Types of bonuses and their specifications

All casinos, both online and land-based ones, have so called system of encouragement, which attracts all gamblers to play more. Bonuses in on-line casinos have a wide popularity, because of huge contest. It is quite understandable, that among so great number of virtual casinos each one competes for a new gambler. There is no need to register in online casino if it doesn't offer bonus for registration, so called Sign-up bonus (all casino reviews usually tell about it). However, each player should be careful before choosing any type of reward.

Guide in choosing bonus

  • Choose casino that offers the biggest bonus.
  • Be sure, that it will be possible to use bonus in any suitable time.
  • Basic is to have a clear understanding of different types of bonuses, what they give and how they work.

Types of bonuses

There exist two main types of bonuses - Deposit and No Deposit.

Deposit bonuses have such classifications:

  • Match bonus. Player receives bonus that is bigger than first deposit.
  • Percentage bonus. Gambler receives bonus in percentage of value of first deposit.

Non-deposit bonuses are:

  • Sign-up bonus or bonus for registration
  • Voting bonus - player votes for casino on gambling sites
  • Tell a friend" bonus.

Practically all good casinos offer variety of bonuses and perhaps there is no such virtual casino without Welcome bonus (Sign-up). Player makes first deposit up to 100$ and casino grants a bonus. There are several ways in which casino applies reward: either directly credits it on player's personal account or will credit it after filling out a registration form.

Nevertheless, some warnings exist, if for example, minimum amount of first payment is 50$ and player puts only 20$, the bonus will be not granted. Each casino applies maximum and minimum amounts. The minimum amount of bonus that gambler will get 100% of first deposit. Of course, casino will not let gambler to earn million dollars even if first deposit is the same. The maximum amount varies between 100$ and 1000$.