Slot machines and main principles of gambling

In comparison with other games in casino, slot machine is considered as the easiest one. There is no need for strategy or for some additional knowledge to beat slots. It is like a lottery, attracts people by giving them possibility to win a lot, making relatively small donations.

Gamblers gave one more name to slot machine - one-armed bandit, because originally they have a lever on the right hand side with the help of which reels were revolving. Initially, slot machines have three reels; right now reels vary from 3 to 5 and slots can be operated both by lever or button on the front panel. For online gambling only mouse is required.

Slots Rules

The rules for this type of gambling are very simple, and a gambler should not remember any difficult strategies as at blackjack card game for example. Person, who would like to play, chooses slot, inserts coin or ticket with barcode bought in advance and activates machine either by lever or button. Main goal of this game is to win from slot machine. The final result depends on symbols appeared on the screen.

Usually, symbols such as fruits, images etc. are brightly colored to be easy recognized. All slots machines have winning combination of symbols. If such a combination appears on the screen, player will win. Winning is paid out by cash or as a possibility to play some extra game.

Description of slots

Except mechanical slots, there are also video slots -modern type of machines that are operated with the help of touchscreen. Usually, slots are varying due to quantity of drums and bet lines.

3 reel slots have winning combinations such as top row, middle, bottom row, right and left diagonals, 5 reel slots have nine payout lines. Video slots, however, have from 9 to 25 up to 100 bet lines. Difference between reel and video slots is in the way of payout. In usual slots possibility to win jackpot increases with the maximum number of coins inserted.

Each slot has pay table where all player's credits are listed.