Download vs. No Download Casino

Online casino comes in two versions each with its own distinct features and capability. The first is the download version of the online casino. For this you have to download and install a piece of software locally on your computer. Then every time you want to play the game, you just launch the software and play.

On the other hand, the No Download version of online casino is accessed and played online, in most cases by connecting to a website via a web browser like Mozilla or internet Explorer. In this article, we will compare and contrast the two versions while looking at the advantages and disadvantages of each on of them.

Advantages of No download Online Casinos

  • Global access- with this I mean that you can access the game from any internet enabled computer from anywhere in the world. Whether at home, or enjoying a vacation in some Caribbean tropical islands, you can always play the game. This is a privilege not enjoyed by having the downloadable version of an online casino which you have to download and install every time you change your location
  • Faster access- accessing and playing the online version of an online casino is mush quicker and convenient t than playing the download versions. You just need to connect to the operator's website by launching the website in your favorite web browser and voila! Start playing the game.

Disadvantages of No Download Online casinos

Even with these benefits, the No Download online casinos also have numerous disadvantages as follows:

  • Slow loading speed: If you have a slow internet connection, especially a dial-up internet connection, you might have to wait longer time to get the game to load since the game loads directly from the servers of the operator. This can be quite frustrating.
  • Poor graphics quality: No download versions of online casino usually come with low quality graphics than the download online casinos. They are usually dull and not aesthetically appealing as you would expect from the download online casino. This is usually necessary to reduce the bandwidth transfer while playing the game and to make the game faster to load.
  • Low reliability: Generally speaking, No Download versions of online casino are usually far less reliable than the download online casino. While the download online casinos enjoy the enhanced capabilities advanced by the user's operating system, the No Download version of online casino doesn't enjoy the privilege.

Advantages of Download online casino

  • Better quality graphics and animations: unlike the No Download online casinos, the Download versions of online casinos usually come with higher quality graphics and smoother animations
  • Enhanced reliability: because of their access from a more stable off line environment, download online casino are much more reliable and less prone to technical hitches. You can thus enjoy more stable playing.
  • Enhanced usability: since they are not impeded by bandwidth demands, download online casinos usually have a richer user interface and enhanced access features
  • Disadvantages of download online casinos
  • Hard disk space required: for online casino software, you can expect to use up to 250 MB of the hard drive space.
  • Limited access: with most download online casinos, you can only login from one computer on which you have installed the software.